Our primary investment filter is vision.

Discover our investment thesis

4D Ventures is all about vision

Our primary investment filter is vision.

Not an ordinary vision, a true vision. A vision with conviction.
An owned vision and purpose.

To (re)-build something unique ? To re-make? To help...? To create a new category of...? What drives you? Why?

& bootstrap mentality

Besides vision, we are a great fit with founders who have a bootstrap mentality (we are no fit for 'blitz-scalers'), low-burn yet ambitious.

Founders with a patient well planned, methodically step by step strategy and execution.

& patience

We are investing our own money, hence have no exit pressure. By contrary, ideally we want to stay on board as long as possible so founders can built up their companies with 'that' unique clear goal & VISION...

Healthy unit economics, growth & traction are not unimportant, but without vision (our primary investment filter), there is no match with 4D.

& we are looking for

We look for early signs of "moat", (potential) network effects or high switching costs, “must-have" vs "vitamin solutions", (potential) multi-revenue streams, cross-border ambition 'impatience" and above all, a crystal clear vision.

Our sweet spot are B2B SaaS companies, late-seed (25K MRR onwards) and resolut cross-border, UK +Europe. We do invest sometimes outside our sweet spot.

As a solo GP, I pre-select the companies with the above investment strategy.

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