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What is a syndicate?

A syndicate is a group of investors (like an investment club) that pools their capital to invest into deals via a special purpose Vehicle (SP). As a member of the Finwise 4D investor syndicate, you’ll be invited to deals you can choose to invest (or not to invest) deal-by-deal.

How we work?

Each month we review many investment opportunities. We select the top 1-2% best opportunities and allow syndicate members to invest alongside us as professional Investors.

Patrick Soetens

Patrick Soetens

Syndicate partner

Patrick has more than 20 years of experience in banking and financial markets and gained valuable startup experience as the founder and CEO of the Swiss subsidiary of Belgian online broker Keytrade Bank for 8 years. He started Finwise in 2016 as a fundraising advisory firm for selected top tier tech startups. Succesful companies he worked with at early stage include Belgian company Loop which was recently winner of the scale-up of the year in Belgium. He started angel investing in startups in 2017.

Thomas Desimpel

Thomas Desimpel

Syndicate partner

Thomas is a succesful angel investor (2017-2022) turned solo GP in 2022, backed by three silent partners (Nicolas D, Charles D, Axel D).  He already realised two exits, of which one portfolio returner.

Our mission

Besides vision, we are a great fit with founders who have a bootstrap mentality (we are no fit for 'blitz-scalers'), low-burn yet ambitious.

Founders with a patient well planned, methodically step by step strategy and execution.

Our Investment Thesis

– We primarily invest in founders and are therefore looking for exceptional founders, ideally serial entrepreneurs with exit experience, an international mindset and strong sales skills

– We have most experience in B2B SaaS, Fintech so most of our deals will be in that category but we can look at other ‘tech’ verticals on a case by case basis

– We concentrate on companies that are already revenue generating, at the moment where they can demonstrate tentative product-market fit and are ready to take off (‘de-risking’)

Reasonable valuations with significant upside potential (target >10x): we do not want to overpay

– We are looking for highly scalable companies in large addressable market

– Target geographic focus: 60% Western Europe (UK/IRL, Benelux, France, Germany, Nordics), 30% US, 10% Other

Mid/Late seed/Pre-Series A, Series A, ideally alongside VC/Family office

– We differentiate from others in providing high quality due diligence.

Primary criteria we assess:

- founders with relevant experience and expertise (founder-market fit)

- traction and product-market fit

- market size and timing

- valuation

Syndicate FAQ

What is an investor syndicate ?

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A syndicate is a group of investors (like an investment club) that pools their capital to invest into deals via a special purpose Vehicle (SPV). As a member of the Finwise 4D investor syndicate, you will be invited to deals that you can choose to invest ( or not to invest in) on a deal-by-deal basis.

Is 4D invested in all the syndicate deals ?

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Yes. With a meaningful amount. Like this, our interests are aligned. It is very important to us to take the same risk to the syndicate members who trust us & co-invest with us. Each deal is carefully studied & due-diligenced and, indeed, co-invested with our syndicate members. Our syndicate partner, Finwise, also shares the same philosophy and also co-invests with 4D Venture BV in each deal.

What is the legal structure of the SPV ?

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Your shares are held in custody by a UK limited company (a company that 4D invested in and we know & trust very well), www.joinodin.com ,  which acts as a Special Purpose Vehicle (“SPV”). The SPV holds the shares or share-like instruments in trust on the behalf of the investors using a UK Bare Trust Structure. This is a legal agreement in which you, as beneficiary, have an immediate and absolute right to both capital and income of the trust. The trustee must follow the beneficiary's instructions concerning the assets in the trust and has no discretion over the assets. The trust is tax transparent, so you pay tax according to the country's rules where you are a tax resident. You do not have any UK tax liability.

Practical steps to invest with SPV provider and established player Odin ?

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For accredited investors only. Once you decide to co-invest with us in a specific deal, we will send you a link where you can onboard. Odin (see also previous question), an established player in handling SPVs (and in whom 4D is invested), will handle all the practical matters & onboarding (KYC, signing of the investment agreements, bank wires and transfers). Odin will act as an independent third party, and they handle all paperwork from entry to (hopefully) a successful exit

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